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What’s Around the Bend? ~ Devos On The Run

What’s Around the Bend? ~ Devos On The Run

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Ps. 32:8 NLT Devo By Janice Olson I don’t know about you but I have a curious nature. I like to know where I’m headed and to see what’s around the bend in the road. It dries me crazy when my internal GPS isn’t working and I’m lost without direction. However, when I remember God’s promised to guide, advise, and watch over me, that’s when I turn my worries over to him. I can rely on his GPS … it never fails. Who better is there than the Great Creator, the Almighty who knows the beginning and the end. He knows how to maintain and shield me when my world is crashing down around me, when my troubles and worries are too much for me. None but God. He is ever faithful and will do the same for you. Father, thank you for your Word, for your direction as you watch over us. Let us always follow the path you set before us for you know best for our life. May we walk with you and always be held close to your heart. We pray this in the wonderful name of Your Son, Jesus....
Life is But A Vapor – Devos On the Run

Life is But A Vapor – Devos On the Run

When I was child, I thought my grandparents were ancient. When I was a teen, I thought my parents  were too old too understand.  When I got married, I though my whole life was before me.  When I became a mother, I aged as my children grew into the man and woman God ordained before my eyes. Now … I look back and wonder where the years have gone. The passing of time has taught me nothing lasts forever, and only what we do for Christ is eternal.    Lord, help me to always be thankful for each new chapter in my life and to use the time on this earth wisely. When I look back, remind me to look forward … the best is yet to come. Help me to use wisdom to do Your will and to live a life worthy of Your calling. I pray this in the wonderful name of Jesus....

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