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Originally from California, my husband and I adopted Texas as our home. (I do miss the mountains and ocean of California though.) As a minister’s daughter, the likely progression of me marrying a minister seemed natural and right, especially when I met Harry, still in college studying to be a minister. We were married a year later.

 Harry, the love of my life and my closest friend, is also my champion and number one fan. I can always depend upon him to be my cheering squad of one in all my endeavors. My husband helps me work through those feelings of inadequacies and low self worth to maintain confidence in the abilities God has endowed to me.

 While growing up, though I loved to read, I was a slow reader and struggled with comprehension, resulting in low self-esteem, and yet I excelled artistically in other areas. I never once thought of becoming a writer.  However, God had a different plan.

 My desire for good, clean, wholesome books that will entertain readers without sloshing through the gratuitous sex scenes and foul words was a big motivation for me to write my stories. And my books do just that. They provide hours of good, clean, wholesome reading without having to be embarrassed or ashamed of the content between the covers—books you could pass on to your mom, grandmother, or even a child without hesitation.

 Writing isn’t my only enjoyment in live. I am a musician, artist, hobbyist, and would travel the world if I had the money. My enjoyment of travel has fostered my love for photography, amateur that I am. And to have a morning or afternoon tea with friends or a lively repartee with my critique buddies is high on my list. The adventure of exploring old towns, antique stores, eateries, where I have never been, or traipsing about the countryside in the spring are always excellent ways to spend my time. However, my all-time favorite is to take a walk on a beach, shift through the sand hunting for treasures—shells, bits of colored glass, driftwood, and metal, all of which are a delight to find and without a doubt will bring about the questions of who, what, why, where, how did it come to be in this exact spot, at this exact moment in time for me to discover. (Fodder for another book, I believe.)

Of course, at the top of the chart—a quiet evening with my husband, Harry. It’s always fun to watch a moving, sit and talk, or play games, or just talk a stroll.

I have been blessed to be a mother, to which you can often hear me boast about our terrific and Godly son and daughter and their mates. However, my pride and joy came full circle when my grandson was born. I had risen to an even greater echelon of motherhood—grandmother. No sweeter words can be heard than grandma. In him my pride runs over, and he can do no wrong. A little adage that I have found to be true: Grandmas are good for hugs, cookies, lots of lovin’ … and a whole lot more. And this one I learned right off the bat: Spoil the grandchild, and then send him home to the parents to discipline.

 There is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing my walk of faith and what Jesus Christ, the Son of God means to me. If you ask (and sometimes without asking), I will tell you, without Jesus I am nothing. He is my life, my very being, my reason for living. And you too can know this peace that I have.

As a public speaker, I have an eager passion to motivate my audience to believe you can achieve your full potential and grow beyond. The enthusiasm I infuse into my topics is that of encouragement and challenge. My passion for people has the profound effect to spark new ideas and an attitude of “I can” in those who attend. I especially love to inspire my audience and readers with all things are possible … when you dare to believe.

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